Madden NFL 16 (Microsoft Xbox One, 2015)

EA's football franchise returns for another year of gridiron action in Madden NFL 16. This year's version comes with a variety of gameplay tweaks, including new handoff mechanics, improved quarterback AI and locomotion, and a new catching system that gives receivers three different ways to pull in a pass. New RAC catches let players attempt to gain more yards after the grab, Aggressive catches find receivers breaking off routes and battling defensive backs to high-point the ball, and Possession catches let gamers use their body to wall off defenders and snatch the ball in traffic.<br><br>In addition to gameplay updates, Madden NFL 16 has added features to several game modes, and offers an enhanced in-game presentation. While realism is a focal point, the game also provides on-the-field cameras that get players closer to the action than any TV network can. Broadcasts also feature dynamic stat feedback, crowd props and signs, female fans, and more than 200 new Drive Starter commentary clips designed to highlight key players and trends at every change of possession.<br><br>The Connected Franchise mode returns to once again let gamers take complete control of their favorite team in either an online or offline capacity. The mode has been redesigned to get players into games faster, dynamic drive goals give gamers unique and specific challenges on every possession, with post-play feedback and XP awards, and the process of scouting and drafting players has been tweaked. The new Draft Champions mode lets gamers take part in a 15-round fantasy draft and then attempt to win four games against increasingly difficult competition, while the popular card-collecting Madden Ultimate mode returns.


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Game Special Features <li>Take control of receivers and battle against defensive backs with three new catching options<br/><br/><li>Start off each drive with new commentary that highlights game trends<br/><br/><li>Join friends for a fantasy draft in the new Draft Champions mode<br/><br/>
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2015
Game Series Madden NFL Series
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Sports
Platform Microsoft Xbox One
UPC 014633733815
Game Madden NFL 16
MPN 014633733815
Brand EA Sports

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