WAC Lighting Touch On/Off Panel And Motion Sensor

Automate your lighting installation with this intelligent motion and touch switch control. This lighting control package includes a touch panel, an occupancy sensor, and a controller. Three custom lighting control settings are available, and mounting hardware and lead wires are included. These controls are rated for indoor use only and carry a 5-year warranty. -- Three Modes of Lighting Control: Touch and Sensor: touch panel turns the puck light(s) on/off manually while the motion sensor turns it off when the space is vacant. Both the motion sensor and the touch switch modes are activated. Touch: touch panel turns the puck light(s) on/off manually. Only the touch switch mode is activated. Motion Sensor: motion sensor turns the puck light(s) on/off autonomously. Only the motion sensor mode is activated. Adjustable Timer: built-in adjustable timer on motion sensor allows automatic shut off after the sensor covered area is vacated. Time delay may be set from 10 seconds to 20 minutes. Lead Wire Included: the motion sensor is supplied with 18-feet of 24AWG wire. The touch panel is supplied with 8-feet of 22AWG wire. The wire may be cut to desired length. Lengthening of wire is not recommended as it will decrease sensitivity. Mounting Hardware Included: may be mounted with screws or double-sided tape (included) Detection Range: 16ft maximum Temperature Rating: rated for temperatures between 14 to 122 degrees F Controller Dimensions: 1in(H) x 1-3/8in(W) x 5in(L) Touch Panel Dimensions: 0.25in(H) x 1-5/8in(D) Motion Sensor Dimensions: 0.75in(H) x 1-5/8in(W) x 1.75in(L) -- Includes touch panel, occupancy sensor, and control 3 control settings Adjustable timer Mounting hardware included Lead wire included 5-Year warranty -- Condition = New -- Controls Type = Occupancy Sensor -- Power Method = Hardwire --


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WAC Lighting Touch On/Off Panel And Motion Sensor $64.49 Pegasus Lighting GREAT DEAL

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